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Chief Director's Note


My passion for Montessori began after enrolling my son into a Montessori school. The discipline, focus and patience inculcated through its system inspired my initiative of taking Montessori to new heights in Hyderabad. What most appeals to me are the perfection, finesse and beauty it involves; right from the selection of objects to the arrangement of materials.

In most Montessori schools, although children develop concentration and begin to read & write, they remain unprepared for transition into school work at Elementary level.

The reason for this is a gap between reading and writing. At Shriram Montessori, we efficiently bridge the gap and complete the 3-6 years’ Primary program for every child. This is the foundation for their future.

I wanted to start an Elementary Montessori school that enables children to grow and enjoy learning, instead of fearing books; an environment that avoids learning by rote and provides freedom of the Montessori system. Hence, by empowering myself with the NAMC (North American Montessori Centre) curriculum, I began with a small setup, but a big dream.

The AMI (Association Montessori International) curriculum for Primary is replaced by the NAMC curriculum during Elementary, providing a smooth and stress-free transition.

At Shriram Montessori, we explore, experiment, experience, educate, enjoy and excel!

Going forward, we wish to enable students to complete their high school, leveraging the best of Montessori practices. We want them to become complete individuals with a sound head on their shoulders; confident, sensible, reliable and responsible, with the ability to stand out in the crowd. It is not just academic knowledge, but wisdom and experience of the real world that gives our students an edge over others.

Our students are groomed to have a mind of their own – one which is sensitive to the needs of others. Through stress-free and joyous learning of international standards, we equip our students to cross hurdles, rise after failures, smile after disappointments and face the world as confident, secure, happy individuals.

- Rohini Reddy

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