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Early-years schooling is the most important phase of one’s education. As is widely known, the first five years of one’s life are crucial. It is this period that determines an individual’s attitudes towards the key institutions and relationships in his life – family, school, authority figures, elders and peers. Even how the child perceives and relates to nature – a key aspect in today’s increasingly-crowded world – is decided in these first few years.

It is with these factors in mind that we chose the facility that currently houses our school – an an open, well-ventilated place naturally lit that is more of a second home to children, rather than a school. Spread over three levels, the facility houses students across environments – Toddler, Primary, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary.


Located in the green environs of Jubilee Hills, our school building is easily accessible, while being just enough of a distance away from the main road to provide children with a serene environment, suitable for learning, exploring and interacting with peers and teachers.

With designated areas for all aspects of a regular school day – classroom learning, outdoor learning, reading, music, dance, art, play and snack time – we have taken care to pack in all that your child needs into our facility. Each area has customized equipment and furniture for little hands and feet, so that your child feels completely at home. Moreover, we take great care of the safety of children, through constant supervision by an elder.

Hygiene at the facility is given top priority, to keep your child as far from diseases and ailments as possible.

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