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The Primary Environment encourages self-activity in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy, Sensorial, Cultural and Practical Life. Each activity is carefully structured keeping the universally sensitive periods of learning in mind. This phase in a child’s growth is one during which he/she is most receptive to certain activities.

In the Primary environment, children are encouraged to explore and are given freedom within limits. The focus is on real and concrete learning, which lays the foundation for learning abstract concepts at a later stage.

Presentations are offered to the children in order to satisfy their natural curiosity. Most importantly, children have complete freedom to repeat activities – as many times as they want – till they are completely satisfied and have mastered the skill.

The intentional availability of only one material of each kind in a class of twenty is to develop the values of tolerance and patience in children, teaching them to share and wait. Through the reinforcement of appropriate behavior, the directress lays the foundation for an orderly & and productive classroom that promotes respect for work and the importance of giving space to others.

Choosing the path of Montessori brings riches to the soul and provides the methodology through which we choose to inspire & and lead. Not only are we guiding children; but we are partnering with families to raise beings who are self-empowered, confident; and with a joyful attitude toward lifelong learning.


"The school never ceases to amaze us with its activities that expose our daughter to the world subtly yet effectively! The most beautiful part of its students is their creative urge to learn. Thank you for making education a product of one's own creativity!"


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