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The Montessori system addresses multiple dimensions of development, moulding the child into a ‘citizen of the world’. It nurtures and shapes a child across ages, giving him space & values to fulfil his needs from a young age. A Montessori child takes the initiative & responsibility to become a ‘Peacemaker’ and contributes towards creating a better world for all.

Practical Life

Through activities involving moral embellishments of grace & courtesy, care of self and care of the environment, children are taught to be hospitable and cherish festivals & celebrations. These instil confidence, develop a sense of order and build a foundation for the child to grow & be independent.

Properties of
Montessori Materials

Neat, clean, simple and pleasing, each material calls the child to a point of awareness

Each exercise targets to encourage concentration

The graded & sequenced sensorial materials make classification possible and are a perfect preparation for math

A child is allowed to work independently and as much as his heart desires

The materials are limited in quantity & scope, thus making the child more socially aware of other children’s needs

'Control of error’ allows total independence and constructive development, to build self-confidence

Sensorial Activities

The five senses of a child are constantly alert and connect him to his surroundings. This enables him to understand, adapt and survive in his environment independently. The material focuses on a specific intended quality at a time, enabling better focus and understanding.


A skill that is acquired and not inborn. Children can learn the most difficult languages with ease, and until six years of age, grasp everything effortlessly. Through multiple practices, the child’s language is elicited and expression of thought is enabled. All these exercises are sensorially-oriented and require movement, to give the child language clarity. The blend of alphabets and phonics eases the flow into reading, writing & comprehension.


A universal language characterized by precision and built on practical life activities. Children have an inborn attraction towards its logic, sequence and truth. The materials enable children to explore concepts like angles, squares, decimal system, etc. The concept of cause & effect is established through the indirect learning of laws of conservation and fractions. Their order aids in the completion of intellectual cycles and achievement of freedom.

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