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Why Montessori ?

For years, the Montessori system of education has churned out one famous achiever after another across diverse fields – Larry Page and Sergey Brin (founders of Google), Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Nobel Prize winner for Literature), Julia Child (author, chef, TV show host), Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs (singer), George Clooney (actor), Will Wright (video game pioneer), Anne Frank (author, diarist from WW II), Peter Drucker (management guru), Joshua Bell (American violinist), Katherine Graham (former owner-editor of The Washington Post) – and many others.

What is it about the Montessori system that helped these personalities achieve global recognition? More importantly, what is it about the Montessori system that helped these personalities shape their lives in a manner that helped not just themselves, but the world they live in as well?

It is the three Montessori basics that focus on teaching a child not just how to be a better individual, but also how to contribute better to the world he lives in – The Cosmic Plan, The Five Great Lessons and The Eight Intelligences.

Cosmic Plan

Cosmic education is an overall Montessori approach to education. It involves helping children to develop an awareness, that everything in the universe is connected & interdependent, forming a harmonious whole and that they themselves are part of & contribute to that whole. – NAMC

The Five Great Lessons

The five great lessons are a series of five stories that give students an understanding of the grand topics of the universe, the earth and life on earth. These stories inspire, entertain and spark imagination. Students learn how everything in this world is interconnected. They are able to place their life & problems in the grand scheme of the universe, reflect on it and nurture the essence of spirituality.

  1. Lesson 1: The beginning of the universe

  2. Lesson 2: Life comes on earth

  3. Lesson 3: Humans come on earth

  4. Lesson 4: How writing began

  5. Lesson 5: How numbers began

The Eight Intelligences

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